British Expat dies in single vehicle crash


British man killed in single vehicle crash East of Pattaya

Pattaya: British Expat dies in single vehicle crash near Marprachan Lake

Despite the combined efforts of the Local Police from the Nong Prue Police station and those of the emergency services, 64 Year old Mr.Raymond Christopher Donnell was unable to be revived after crashing his Toyota Fortuna into a tree on the road adjacent to the lake,   near the village of Pong, East of Pattaya.

The notorously rough road which is currently being widened and resurfaced may have contributed to his crash, however Police reports indicate that they suspect him to have drunk a considerable amount of alcohol prior to driving his vehicle, just after midnight.

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Emergency services who freed him from the wreckage sent him to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where, according to reporters, he later died from his injuries combined with heart failure.  At the scene he was resuscitated by Medics who made every attempt to save his life

Witnesses say that the vehicle was travelling at high speed when it crashed into a tree on the roadside.  Several locals attempted to free him from the wreckage and called the authorities to the unlit road when they realised that his injuries were severe.

The lakeside is in  remote area and is currently being revamped by the city and Province to provide a better wider surface.   Meanwhile , during the reconstruction, significant drops on either side of the road are only marked with tape as a warning to drivers and that, combined with the very poor road surface means that any driver needs to be fully awake and aware.

Many locals have been surprised at the lack of warnings and physical barriers along the 5 KM area which is being worked on.

Mr. Donnells family will be informed of the accident and tragic death through the British Embassy in Bangkok which has been notified by Local officials.


Photographs of the deceased man have not been printed on our website, per the policy of Pattaya 103 FM

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