Take Care Kids Party in Pattaya

July 10, 2016 0

Saturday the 9th saw the children from Take Care Kids¬† given a huge surprise as Fabulous 103Fm joined with the Staff at Mediterranean Garden Resort in Pong and Nick the Pizza to throw them their […]

Whats On In Pattaya this weekend June 18

June 18, 2016 2

There’s always a whole lot going on in Pattaya, but as usual you mostly get to hear about it afterwards. Fabulous 103fm offers a weekly update on whats happening in and around Pattaya . ¬†You […]

US Navy Hits on Fabulous 103fm in Pattaya

June 16, 2016 0

With the US navy in the bay right now, here in Pattaya, the band from the 7th Fleet “Orient Express” based in Japan visited Fabulous 103FM and played on our show. CLICK BELOW TO LISTEN […]

READ ALL ABOUT IT… Free UK Newspapers Here

June 10, 2016 0

WHY PAY, When they are free to read online? Fed up with Out of Date Newspapers? ¬†of course you are,. ¬†and yet most are totally free to read online. ¬†Fabulous 103Fm gives you the headlines […]

Free Delivery for Mugs in Pattaya

May 17, 2016 0

With many people wanting the Charity fund raising mugs here in Pattaya, the biggest problem, that we had overlooked, was HOW TO GET THEM TO YOU? NO Q has come to our rescue and will […]

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