“British” Indian Credit Card Scammers arrested in Pattaya.



"British" card scammers caught in Pattaya
“British” card scammers caught in Pattaya


Pattaya Police have arrested two Indians with British passports accused of operating another credit card scam in the city, using cloned cards belonging to European and British Nationals.


Narayanasamy Mohan and Thevarajah Gnanaraj, both born in India but in possession of UK Passports, were taken into custody along with 134 cloned credit cards, a card scanner and 122,000 Baht in cash, along with a laptop loaded with more than one thousand more credit card numbers ready to scam. Much of their equipment was found hidden above an air conditioning grille in their hotel room

Police have been working on the operation for over  a week, in an undercover operation which has been assisted by local  SCB banks who first brought the matter to their attention.

The two men were intercepted by police as they made withdrawals from a branch of Siam Commercial bank in Second Road Pattaya.  It is thought that they were a part of a bigger group since the two men who have been aprehended have only been in Thailand for a few days.

 A raid on their rooms at the Mike Beach Resort resulted in the men and their equipment being removed to Pattaya police station and interviews with Thailand’s fraud squad, before they were paraded in front of the media this afternoon ( Friday).

The plan, which obviously wasn’t a good one, was to withdraw funds from local ATMs and send most of it to France.  This is not the first time that Credit card scammers have been involved with French based card scamming gangs and previously French police had undertaken to investigate them thoroughly.   To date there have been no reported arrests in France or Europe and its assumed that because of this, as one team gets arrested here, so another is quickly dispatched .  Police estimate that over two million baht has already been transferred back to Europe this week.

Thevarajah Gnanara, a married father of two children from London was expected, by his family,  to return to the UK within a week.  That is now highly unlikely

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