Just What Thailand doesn’t need, another Thug on Holiday.


 As if  Thailand’s Police force didn’t have enough to deal with… Britain has kindly allowed the temporary export of a violent, convicted, thug to Thailand, so that he can take his vacation here.

A British court is allowing  a convicted thug, currently on bail for violence, to take his holiday in Thailand.  Nathanial McIntosh is on a curfew and only escaped prison, after being found guilty at his trial, because he was willing to wear a tag so that Police know where he is at all times    Yet the failed footballer from Falmouth succeeded in convincing a British court that he should be allowed to take his holidays in Thailand as they were booked before the   crime took place. ( a likely story)

He   pleaded guilty to using threatening and abusive language and behavior toward 3 people and was given a 12 week prison sentence, suspended for a year, in a case heard last month.   During the attack he is said to have given at least one of the three a “good kicking” during a sustained attack and has previous convictions for similar offences.


Yet now the UK magistrates have  agreed to allow him to have a holiday.    According to the magistrates association “If the curfew clashes with work, a pre-booked holiday, a relative’s wedding, or a job interview, magistrates can adjust the curfew as they see fit.   “They will not add to the punishment by forcing the offender to suffer additional financial losses from losing irrecoverable deposits.”

Motorbike and Car renters need to be on the look out for him too as, only last month,  he was also banned from driving  after a drink drive case.

Where ever he is destined to visit, we trust that he is aware that Local police and courts do not look as kindly on his type of behavior and someone should tip him off to the fact that Kicking off here doesn’t usually lead to a holiday voucher but rather a well populated cell and a poor diet.

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  1. I hope he reads, what happened to the three Hooligans who made trouble in Pattaya. Where one died trying to run, eh, swim away from the trouble they started!
    He just came out of a British prison for a bodily harm sentence! Thailand did him not well!

  2. I’m sure he will be denied entry on arrival and if already here deported and rightly so. There is no room for those that do not respect others in this world.

  3. whilst i certainly don’t condone thuggery,maybe this lad has now realised after the sentence he received that he’s got too start behaving.
    he’s getting a right slating in the above story and rightly so if he has give somebody a ‘good kicking’but i think you’ll find pattaya house’s a lot of criminals who’ve committed far worse offence’s than him.

  4. In bread idiots and now the Brish courts allow this scum to come to Thailand when there are already enought low life Brits here,,why????? ( edited)

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